Common Beauty Mistakes

Most women spend a great deal of time on improving their appearance. Not only do they spend time on that, but it also costs them a lot. So, it is really unfortunate when they mistakes in this area. That means that all of their moves are pointless and does not mean anything. It could even be worse, the beauty steps that they are following could be harmful and could actually cause the exact opposite of what they wanted. These wrong moves can actually damage their appearance or at least make them look bad.

So, if you are seeking for genuine ways to look good, then you have to be sure about the steps that you want to follow. You should also beware of the beauty mistakes that you might commit. Here are some of those beauty mistakes that you should be aware of. The good news is that making these mistakes is quite easy to prevent. It does not take much for you to stay away from them. But the first step would always be awareness on your part.

Read these beauty mistakes and make sure that you would no longer commit them.

Washing Your Hair Too Much

You like shampooing hair and using all kinds of products on it. There’s nothing wrong about that when you are using mild products that will not have too much effect on your hair. But when you use harsh hair products that are filled chemicals, then you might have a slight problem with that. Try to use a moisturizing shampoo. If possible just use it every other day. If you wash your hair too much, that can remove the essential oils that is naturally produced and that would leave your hair looking dull and dry.

Applying Too Much Conditioner

How do you use hair conditioner ? Are you like most people who would apply it from the roots to the tips of the hair? That would be a mistake to do so. The hair near the roots would be the new growth and that is still healthy and is still in great condition. You don’t have to apply the conditioner then near the roots. You should concentrate on applying it at middle and at the tips which would be the parts where the damage can be found.

Not Exfoliating

Another common beauty mistake that many girls make is not properly exfoliating before applying foundation. Girls make the mistake of thinking that foundation will hide everything bad about their skin. Yes, it will work when it comes to hiding blemishes and flaws on your skin, but it will not hide your dry skin. In fact, instead of hiding dry skin, it can actually make it look worse. You have to use a face scrub in order to remove the dead skin from your face, so that it does not stand out when you apply foundation.

Not Using Heat Protectant

How do you style your hair? Most girls would use a blow drier and some heat products in order to achieve the style that they want. But doing that without using some heat protectant on your hair is a serious mistake that can cause a lot of damage to your hair. Make sure that you generously apply your heat protectant.

Using Too Much Products to Fight Pimples

One type of beauty care products that is sure not to get out of fashion would be those that are meant to remove acne or pimples. These products are bought not just by teenagers, but by adults as well. Having a lot of pimples can be a real cause of anxiety and stress. It can suck the self-confidence out of a person if one has a lot of pimples. People make the mistake of using too many products that are meant to fight pimples. The problem is that these products can also dry out the skin if used too much. Use these pimple fighting products in moderation only.

Forgetting the Neck

People focus on the face when they think about beauty care. The problem is that they tend to ignore the neck. They seem to forget that it is just as exposed as the face. When you take care of your face, you should also mind your neck. When you use moisturizer on your face, you have to include your neck as well. When you use foundation, you have to apply it on your neck too.

Not Washing Your Makeup Brushes

Some girls forget to wash their makeup brushes regularly. They think that’s okay, but that’s taking on a great deal of risk. Not washing makeup brushes could result in mixed up colors and shades, which is something that you don’t want. On top of that, you can also get some bacteria mixed in. You just have to use a gentle cleanser on your brushes for once every week.

Applying Foundation Right Away

Many make this mistake and it’s easy to understand why. Most of the time women are on the rush and they do not have enough time to properly apply their makeup. They simply start applying foundation even if the moisturizer has not had time to sink into the skin. You have to wait until the foundation has dried.

Applying Perfume Once Dressed

A lot of people will use perfume after they have dressed. They don’t know that they are making a mistake when they do so. Fragrances are formulated to be applied on the skin. The heat of the body will interact with the solution. The fabric which makes up clothes on the other hand, can cause the perfume to smell bad instead. On the top of that, some fragrances can cause stains on clothes. So, before you get dressed apply some of the fragrance on the pulse points. That should last for the day.

Shaving Everyday

This is another common mistake that girls make. They shave their underarms, the bikini area and legs every day. But that shouldn’t be the case. Those areas are very sensitive and shaving them all the time could lead to skin problems. Shaving often will only lead to stimulating its growth, so you end up with thicker and faster growing hair which you would be forced to shave again. So in some ways it is counterproductive. You will also increase the chances of having cuts and nicks when you shave a lot.

Covering Up Acne

Yes, acne looks bad, but you don’t have to cover it up. Not only is that ineffective, but it will also lead to more problems. Your acne will only become worse because of you trying to cover it up. It would be better to address your acne problem rather than try to cover it up.

Failing to Use a Moisturizer

This should be a basic thing to know, but a lot of people are still unaware of it. Moisturizer is the key to having a great skin. Failure to use it would lead to dry and rough skin. You wouldn’t want that.

These are just some of the common beauty mistakes that people make today. Make sure that you do not commit them yourself.