How to Beat the Monday Blues

Did you know that most heart attacks occur on early Monday mornings? Interestingly enough, those who drop dead, commute to their work, only to be seized by an acute chest pain. What are the risks? That happens also after holidays when the very thought of returning to the 5-7 chores gives you a headache combined with a slight fever at times and the trembling hands. It also happens unconsciously, so that you might be mistaking those symptoms for a delayed post-holiday cold or even a jet lag like sensation. Or there could be no symptoms at all. Or you are stressed because during the three week holiday you woke up late enough, and now the pattern changes, so it is the stress we often do not realized, but the body responds to a sudden change in the daily rhythm. Or perhaps you work but hate returning to work after a weekend? Just two days are enough to pinpoint your dislike for the place of work you are currently employed at. What would be the typical suggestions then?

Beat the Stress Differently

That is the hardest part where you sometimes are pressed for a change, but dislike changing your routine anyway. It has always worked. Sometimes, however, even a simple idea, like a walk in the park could bring about a positive change in your attitude. Sleeping well is not without a reason the major buster there is and if it is preceded by too much rumination and maudlin movies, you can have a hard night recovering. A tired body is a tired mind and produces a tired attitude to what you do.

Change the Career

In hard times like this, the very idea of going solo, chnaging direction in life, feels threatening enough to your heart even, but if you have enough belief and strength in yourself and some idea which way to go from there, perhaps that would be for the best. Question your motives however, is it the boss who is less accommodating or your colleagues that are less than pleasant or the pay? Is it worth swapping the stress at your current job for the stress generated by the unknown factors that govern the market? On the other hand, if a job opportunity produces itself, why not grab the bull by its horns and go for it?

Do Not Take the Job Home

Can you? In times when most bosses tell you to take on more or be fired, people may have given up the proper ways of balancing working hours and rest. Take a good look at yourself, if you are most willing to climb the ladder due to hard work, perhaps you are neglecting other areas of life that are worth exploring? Give it a thought if your talents are worth only the money? There is more to work than only being held in the clutches of hard work 24/7. No?

Why So Serious?

Do you believe that working till the end of your days is a great thing? Perhaps it is time to come up with different ideas for life. And above all, despite the crisis and global disappointment and frustration with the world going the way it does, why not smile at your colleague and seek the way to make a tiny smiling difference?