How to Neutralize Bad Memories Fast

For some that comes quickly enough, with cheap wine as the first point of defence, where any sorrows could be sent straight to the bottom in one gulp. Others fling themselves into the swirl of life, with smouldering hopes of never having to resurface any more. As we all know it life just does not work like this one bit, and, sooner or later, the old melody would return to haunt us with its childlike whimper. That is not to say that every deed ever committed against people should be a whip for yourself to spur you on into the battle of good versus evil. But the title question could be hard to answer in the positive, as each character needs a different solution and depends on the kind of negative memories that come back, most notably in your dreams.

Eraser Services

The market overflows with fly by night companies that offer to provide quicker than lightning service in which you express a wish to have your memories erased and stored in a memory stick. The problem with a stick is like with the urn of ashes, always with the air of impudence that emanates off the top shelf where you stacked it. Once a keeper always a loser, you might be inclined to remark unheard. What happens to your head then when no memories like that float in the subconscious? Patients have declared a variety of symptoms, from slight migraines, the tunnel vision of themselves where they see their own face at the back of the tube, to serious body tremors in the waking hours. It is like 56% report being ultimate state of higher consciousness at having no bad memories recorded. What that has led to, though, is the number of people celebrating All Saints’ Day and, as several scientists already noted, the figures regarding the people who learn from experience have shrunk by 1%, but it could be just a simple misunderstanding or a statistical error. That happens in just about any industry, however, we shall quickly report on any new developments in that sector together with later analysis from our scientists.

In the meantime we are holding a competition for the best bad memory of the year that would be never forgotten despite your greatest attempts. Do not try to erase it just share it freely, minus the graphic details. We only offer coconuts and a company in a night bar where, as we guessed already, you might be sipping those lonely swigs between the moments. Indeed by paying attention to what is bugging you you win hearts if only for a night. You can choose from among girls and male company if you dare expose the past. In fact we do want to keep that memo for the future, but, with the government’s designs on breaking and entering the brain-washing market, we shall therefore proclaim our voice to be never muffled or hushed. (note from editor: the author has let himself get carried away and was carried away on the stretches).