How to Survive the First Meet-up with Your Partner’s Folks

Admit it, your hands tremble a little, and your knees are going slightly soft at the thought of meeting them. Perhaps this is because you have watched ”Meet the parents” one time too many and some of those memorable scenes have remained with you ever since. But it could be quite a serious thing if you are quite a shy person by nature or just a type of the guy or a woman that does not enjoy too much attention.

Why Go There Anyway?

Any kind of a visit to those folks will reveal in part who you are dating or who that significant other represents. Yes, that points exactly to what you might be thinking, those hereditary issues and more, will reveal themselves in their force de tour, her/his parents. And vice versa, as you get to know your partner, you can more or less guess what is expecting you when it comes to the parents, so with that in mind, polish up your shoes and the best Sunday suit or a dress.

Too Shy to Speak?

It is a common condition which strikes many fine ladies and gents out there, turning them into awkward teens before the very first date. The meeting with someone’s folks is like a mix of a date and an exam, as you would most likely be judged against some sophisticated standards, especially when you don’t fit in the mold (read: red-haired, dark or white skinned, weird hairdo lover, nervous geek type, heavy metal fan or a punk and more). These are just stereotypes, but as you know, people do judge the others against their appearance, thus simply drawing generic and stereotypical conclusions. This is why you should seriously consider a little tweak to your current looks or behavior. Why fit the bill? S/he’s simply worth it. You hate being dressed like a Barbie girl, alright, it is intuitively bad taste, but why not employ at least one technique and become more feminine for a change, for one night? Another will be your wedding day, if ever. So a little jewelry here and there won’t hurt.

The Topics

Inquire about his/her parents first so that you know what they are normally up to or just get some more questions prepared if you like, that is just for starters. Avoid politics, religion and any taboo ideas that set most people off but in the wrong way, inquire about their preferences, the place where they live, compliment your partner’s abilities, say more about yourself, and joke in an upbeat manner. The evening or anything it is should go on smoothly. Prepare a small present to hand over if it is acceptable in your community. Just relax and try to yourself, only remember that the gap in years could be too much to bridge it with some quirky references and generally the kind of lifestyle you two lead.