The Best Beauty Secrets

There is no lack of beauty tips out there. When you check the internet for example and do a search using the keyword “beauty secrets“, you would get more search results that you can check. That’s a good thing, but in some ways it is also bad. Some of the information you get that way might not be correct. In fact, some of beauty tips can actually be harmful. What you want are the beauty ideas and secrets that have been tried out by others.

Checking Your Sources

When you are looking for beauty tips, you should not look for those from any website that you come across. You need to find out if the source of the beauty steps that you want to follow is reputable and can be trusted. You have to be sure that the tips that you would be following are legitimate and real.

The Best Beauty Secrets

Looking for beauty tips that can be trusted is not an easy task. To help you out and make things a bit easier for you, we have listed here several proven beauty secrets that you can try on your own. The best thing about these tips is that they have been all proven by beauty experts, so you can be sure that they would work.

Brow Beauty

Some girls tend to be a bit tweezer-happy when it comes to their eyebrows and they almost end up plucking all the hair there. But don’t be too quick while removing most hair from your eyebrows . Full brows are more flattering and it is always better to look natural whenever you can. You can just use your tweezers to take care of those nasty strays when you have to. When you are done with that, you can fill in your brows using a pencil that is actually a bit lighter than you natural brow. Don’t use the same shade for the pencil because that is sure to look harsh.

Banana for Your feet

Do you have rough skin on your feet? Most people do, but that does not mean that you cannot do anything about that. The banana fruit actually contains substances that can be great for softening the skin . It’s so great that professionals at spas actually recommend the use of banana as a natural skin softener. To use banana as a natural skin softener, you can take a fruit and then mash it. Then you mix in some honey and then start massaging it to your heels. Once you have massaged it, you can place a plastic wrap around your feet and allow it to soak for a few minutes. You can then rinse it and exfoliate the area where you have applied it.

Olive Green on Your Nails

What are the colors that you would like to have on your nails? There are classic colors like red and some trendy new ones like navy, but what color would be a sure thing for your nails? Try painting it with olive green. Yes, that’s the green that’s normally associated with the military. That kind of green will actually look great with any kind of skin shade. That means you can never go wrong when you apply it on your nails.

The Right Way to Smoothen Your Hair

There are so many products out there that are meant for straightening your hair, but how can you be sure which ones are safe to use and which ones are not? Going to a salon can be expensive and what’s more is that some of the products used to straightening hair contain some chemicals that can actually be harmful in the long run. The best thing that you can do if you want your hair to be straightened is to use some of the new kits that are out in the market. These new hair straightening products do not contain formaldehyde. The key in using these kits is to iron out your hair after application of the formula, so that the straightness is locked in.

Use Mineral Makeup

What kind of makeup do you use? If you still haven’t tried mineral makeup or if you are still unaware of what that is then you are missing out on a great deal. These mineral makeups actually contain ingredients that are good for your skin. So, not only will they work towards making your skin look good, but it will also be healthy for you. Some of the makeups have extracts from soybeans and seaweeds which are all natural. These makeups are also free from preservatives and other harsh chemicals.

A Style for Everyone

When you want to have a makeover for your hair and you are undecided as to what style you would get, then try the style that would look good on everyone . What style would that be? That would be the bob. It can match any face shape unlike other hairstyles. On top of being a perfect fit for any face shape, it is also easy to style the bob. You can have it wavy or straight and it would still look great. There are several variations of the bob that you can try.

Different Shades

We always hear that natural is always better, but there are also times when you might want to try something different. That would be used when you want to apply some color on your eyelids. You can be a bit more creative there. You can try to use three different shades of the same color. You can apply the darkest shade over the lid and the lightest just above the lash. That will create a great effect.

Making Your Lashes Bigger

Want to make your eyes seem a bit larger than they really are? You can create that effect by working a bit on your lashes. You can go to the salon and get some service that would actually boost the volume of your lashes. If that’s not something that you want to do all the time, then you can get an eyelash growth booster that you can apply every day.

Dealing with Sun Damage

These days, it is very important to stay protected from the harmful rays of the sun. But even if you are conscious about that and you try to stay protected from the harmful effects of the sun, you can still have some damage from its rays. What you can do is to rub strawberry on the areas of your skin that have been damaged by the sun. You need to keep the juice on your skin for a few minutes before you rinse it off. But be sure to prevent damage from happening in the first place by staying out of the sun and if you really have to expose yourself you need to apply sunscreen.

How to Make Your Lipstick Last

Do you want to make you lipstick last? The key for doing that is layering. You can layer your lipstick by applying a small amount of translucent powder over your lips before applying the next layer and dabbing the first layer with a sheet of tissue.

These are the proven tested beauty tips that you can try.